Running Measurements Calculator

Calculating running measurements can be cumbersome. With just a few taps Chippy Tools simplifies this process and can calculate more measurements than you need in a blink of an eye.

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Running measurements are one of the most common calculations required in construction, building and many other related fields. Chippy Tools can calculate all the running measurements you need in a fraction of the time, allowing you to spend less time making calculations and more time focusing on the work that needs to be done.

The app provides an easy-to-read table with all of the running measurements you will need, allowing you to compare the results. We know that in many instances numbers may not add up equally, so we provide all calculations to a very high level of accuracy (millimetres in 2 decimal points for metric users). Your experienced expert judgment and understanding of what needs to be done is better than the app, which is simply just another tool in your tool belt.

Speak Running Measurements

In many instances, such as when making out, it is more convent to have running measurements read allowed keeping your hands free to focus on what you do best. Chippy Tools has the capability to have your device speak the measurements to you, at a consistent pace allowing you to move between each point.

Different Units

Around the world, there are some people that chose to measure in metrics, millimetres, centimetres and meters, and there are those that prefer to measure in inches, feet and yards. Regardless of what unites you chose to measure Chippy Tools is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

To stop Chippy Tools speaking running measurements, simply tap the speak button again.
At this time we do not support the ability for you to control the speed at which the measurements are spokes by your device. If you would like to see this feature added please contact our team, so we can add your vote to prioritise this feature.
At this time we do not support calculating more than 100 measurement intervals. This is a limitation we set as we tried to determine how many intervals to calculate by default. If you have a use case that requires more than 100 measurements or would like to be able to manually control the number of calculations made, please contact our team to request this feature.
Chippy Tools running measurement calculator supports both metric and imperial measurements. Metric measurements are generally entered in millimetres (millimeters for those who prefer American Spelling), while imperial measurements can be entered in feet, inches and fractions of inches.
Running measurements are one of the most common calculations on construction and building sites. They are also one of the simplest to measure and calculate.

Before you can start the calculation, you will need three numbers. The start, which is often 0 (zero), the measurement interval, and the total number of intervals that you are needing to calculate.

We start by adding the measurement interval to the start measurement, and continue until the measurement interval has been added the desired number of times.

If you are simply wanting to get the total length of the running measurement we would multiply the measurement interval by the number of intervals, and then add the answer from this step to the start measurement to get the overall length.

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