Chippy Tools

Making everyday carpentry calculations easy!

Chippy Tools, is the go-to tool for carpenters looking to take the hassle out of maths on the job site. Whether you are using your iPhone or your iPad Chippy Tools is the app for you. With its easy to use design Chippy Tools allows you to think about the Carpentry and let the app do the maths.

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Calculate the required spacing between balusters on flat runs or spacing on fences with ease using Chippy Tools.

Concrete Volumes

From concrete for slabs to concrete for holes, calculations are simple with Chippy Tools.


Calculating the number of goings, rises and stringer length, simply and quickly.

Running Calculations

Calculating running measurements can be cumbersome. With just a few taps Chippy Tools simplifies this process and can calculate more measurements than you need in a blink of an eye.

Rake Walls

Under Development

Rake walls are common, but building them is far from straight forward. Calculate all the measurements for rake walls before you cut.


Under Development

Pythagoras, not your thing? Calculating the sides and angles of triangles will be easy with Chipyy Tools.