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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer an apprentice discount?

Yes. We offer a significant apprentice discount on our yearly subscription. To receive this offer you will need to get in touch with our team providing some evidence that you are an apprentice. Our team will then provide you with a promotional code that will activate your apprentice discount.

At this stage the discount will only be valid for one year - that is how the App Store works. This said we are more than happy to provide up to 4 years of discounts to apprentices. This process is currently manual and you will just need to get in touch with us a few weeks before your subscription renews to get additional discounts.

Discounts are staggered based on how many years through your apprenticeship you are.

All discounts are provided at our discretion. This promotional offer may be removed at any time.

How do I cancel a subscription to Chippy Tools?

We are sorry to hear that you are looking to cancel your subscription to Chippy Tools. We value your feedback and would like to hear why you are looking to cancel. For More information on how to contact our team please see our contact page.

Canceling For Financial Reasons

If you are looking to cancel due to financial pressures, please reach out to our team with some details. At their discretion our support team are able to issue discounts. The best way to contact our team is through the app as this will provide us details of your subscription automatically. Alternative contact methods can be found on our contact page.

Process To Cancel A Chippy Tools Subscription

All Chippy Tools subscriptions are managed through the App Store. For more information on how to cancel your subscription please see the instructions on Apple’s Support page.

How to cancel a subscription from Apple

Is there a version of Chippy Tools for Android?

No. There is not currently a version of Chippy Tools for Android devices. At this time we do not currently have plans to develop an Android, should this change we will update this page.

Please note there are a number of sites that offer fake versions of Chippy Tools for Android. Please do not download anything from these sites, they are not real.

What features do I get for free?

The free version of Chippy Tools includes the following features:

  • Baluster spacing calculator
  • Support for millimetres, feet and inches.
  • User friendly easy to use application.

What features do I need to pay for?

The paid version of Chippy Tools includes the following features:

  • Check square calculator
  • Concrete quantities calculator
  • Dumpy level calculator
  • Equal spacing calculator
  • Raked wall calculator
  • Running Calculations
  • Stair Calculator
  • Triangle Calculator

Who is Chippy Tools for?

The app is ideal for Architects, Builders, Carpenters, Constructions Workers, Contractor, Designers, DIY Enthusiasts, Engineers, Tradesmen and Woodworkers of all types and anyone looking to make common construction calculations, with speed, ease and accuracy. Chippy Tools can save you time and money, by reducing errors on site. It is a great tool for anyone who is looking to make common construction calculations, with speed, ease and accuracy.

Why Chippy Tools?

At Chippy Tools our mission is to rethink what a best in class application for carpenters looks like. We are striving to develop a sustainable business model so that we can continue to add new calculations and save you time and money.