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Think about the Carpentry and let the app do the maths

Chippy Tools, is the go-to calculator for carpenters and home handymen looking to take the hassle out of maths on the job site. Whether you are using your iPhone or your iPad Chippy Tools is the app for you. With its easy to use design Chippy Tools allows you to think about the Carpentry and let the app do the maths.


Some features require a one-time in-app purchase or subscription.

Who is this app for?

The app is ideal for Architects, Builders, Carpenters, Constructions Workers, Designers, Engineers, Tradesmen of all types and anyone looking to make common construction calculations, with speed, ease and accuracy. Chippy Tools can save you time and money, by reducing errors on site.

Why did we create this?

Chippy Tools started as an idea almost 10 years before it was created and released. Brother Nick & Sam were on a long drive discussing Sam’s desire to develop an app. Nick, a carpenter, suggested to Sam that there was a significant opportunity in for an app to help carpenters and professionals make everyday calculations on job sites.

Several years and a few false starts later Chippy Tools was born. Chippy Tools mission is to rethink what a best in class application for carpenters and anyone looking to make common construction calculations looks like. Our goal is to develop Chippy Tools on a sustainable business model so that we can continue to add new calculations and improvements, all the time seeking to save our customers time and money.

Where did the name Chippy Tools come from?

In Australia and several other countries around the world, carpenters are often referred to as a Chippy. We wanted to stay true to our base in Australia and the view that the app is simply a collection of tools for a Chippy.


Chippy Tools is free to download with access to the baluster spacing calculator in both metric and imperial measurements. Additional calculators are available to users that upgrade via an in-app purchase for US$6.49/year with a 7-day free trial or $49.99/lifetime. Additional monthly and quarterly purchasing options are available for selected countries. A discount is currently available for apprentices on request.


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Chippy Tools on iPhone

Baluster Spacing Calculator

Baluster Spacing Calculator Screenshot

Check Square Calculator

Check Square Calculator Screenshot

Concrete Quantities Calculators

Concrete Quantities Calculators Screenshot

Dumpy Level Calculators

Dumpy Level Calculators Screenshot

Equal Spacing Calculator

Equal Spacing Calculator Screenshot

Rake Walls Calculator

Rake Walls Calculator Screenshot

Running Measurements Calculator

Running Measurements Screenshot

Stair Calculator

Stair Calculator Screenshot

Triangle Calculators

Triangle Calculators Screenshot

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