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Rake walls are common, but building them is far from straight forward. Calculate all the measurements for your rake wall before you cut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A rake wall refers to a type of wall that connects with a sloping roof or ceiling. This architectural feature is often seen in platform framing, a construction technique favored for its ability to integrate horizontal structural components like floors or ceilings, thereby securing the building's structure at the top plate level. In cases where the top plate is sufficiently compact, it additionally offers required lateral stability. In the context of gable, shed, or gambrel roofs, the rake is the term used to describe the slanting boundary on the end wall. This setup is frequently planned and calculated with the assistance of tools like wall framing layouts, stud placements, and specialized calculators to ensure precision and structural integrity.
Building a rake wall should not be a difficult process, though it is important that you take the time to ensure that all calculations are correct before starting work. Chippy Tools makes calculating the requirements for a rake wall simple and easy.
  1. Determine the best calculation approach for your project. Chippy Tools supports calculating Rake Walls using both pitch calculation approach and a two heights calculation approach.
  2. Take the required measurements. Regardless of if you are using the two heights method or the pitch method to calculate, you will need the measurements for the bottom plate length, bottom plate thickness, top plate thickness, and low side height. If calculating with two heights, you will also need the high side height. If calculating with pitch, you will also need the pitch.
  3. Tap calculate. Chippy Tools will calculate all the required measurements and present a table of all running measurements that you might require for marking out your raked wall.
A raked wall calculator is a vital tool for builders, streamlining the wall framing process in construction. Its advantages are manifold:
  1. Precision in Measurements: For raked walls, which have sloping designs, the calculator precisely computes lengths, angles, and spacing of studs. This ensures that the frame aligns accurately with the roof or ceiling, significantly reducing errors compared to manual calculations.
  2. Efficiency in Time: Manually calculating the details of raked walls, especially when dealing with complex angles, is time-intensive. The calculator speeds up this process, providing fast, reliable results which help maintain project timelines.
  3. Optimization of Materials: By delivering accurate measurements, it helps in estimating the exact amount of materials needed. This not only minimizes waste but also ensures cost-effectiveness by avoiding excess purchases.
  4. Structural Integrity: Accurate calculations are crucial for the stability of the building. The tool ensures that the wall framing is capable of supporting necessary loads, particularly where the wall meets a sloped roof.
  5. Ease of Use: These calculators are designed to be user-friendly, accommodating professionals with different levels of expertise. This accessibility is crucial for accurately calculating complex requirements.
  6. Building Code Compliance: Proper calculating techniques are essential to ensure that the raked walls meet local building codes and regulations, which might have specific requirements for construction methods and materials.
By providing the exact area of the raked wall, our calculator helps you estimate the quantity of materials needed without wastage.
Yes, with an intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions, anyone can use it to obtain accurate results.
The Raked Wall Calculator uses precise mathematical formulas, ensuring high accuracy in all computations.
Chippy Tools was built in Australia where the metric system is the only measurements. All Chippy Tools calculators accept metric measurements in millimetres, centimetres, or meters, simply ensure all measurements are in the same measurement units.
All Chippy Tools calculations work with feet, inches or feet and inches. When using imperial measurements, you are required to enter the unit of measure in the number. Chippy Tools makes this easy by providing an additional row on top of the keyboard with these required units.

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