Equal Spacing Calculator

Calculating equal spacing for decking or weatherboards is easy with Chippy Tools.

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Figuring out even spacing calculations doesn’t need to be any harder than it has to be. Whether you are working in feet, inches, centimetres or millimetres, our calculator app will sort it out in breeze. Let the calculator do the math, so you can focus on getting to the beers quicker.

What is the equal spacing calculator?

Conveniently located in your pocket, once downloaded the app allows you to easily input your overall length (or width) and target space (gap). Once you hit calculate, it will then tell you exactly what measurements you need for each panel to ensure that the dividers you are using are evenly spaced. Ensuring equal spacing is important when you are working on balusters, spindles, posts, pickets, shelves, railing, slats, fasteners and really anything that you want to have evenly separated.

Why you need the equal spacing calculator app

No need to carry extra equipment, or risk making measurement mistakes due to incorrect hand calculations done on a tight deadline. The worst thing that can happen is if you are halfway through a railing baluster, deck, pickets post or something else, and you realise that the spacing is uneven because the calculation was wrong.

You don’t need a pen or paper, just measure the overall length and the target spacing between each panel. The app is conveniently downloaded straight to your apple iPhone. We know that you can use a regular calculator to achieve the same calculation, but there is more room for error. Our calculator ensures that the spacings measurement are right by having less room for error. You only have to input two measurements into our calculator app, and then our calculators will work out the even spacing for you.

Whether you use metric or imperial measurements, our simple but effective calculator is conveniently able to switch between the two and show you the units you need, the way you choose.

Our calculators will help you, regardless of whether you are new to the home or investment renovation game, or a seasoned carpenter working on an experienced job site. Our calculator will take your math game to the next level. We want to help you create the result you want as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy the result faster.

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