Quick Chippy vs Chippy Tools

How does Quick Chippy compare to Chippy Tools?

Originally released in Quick Chippy is available on iOS and Android has both subscription and paid up from options to purchase the app. The Quick Chippy family of apps includes Quick Chippy, Quick Chippy Pro, Quick Walls, and Quick Decks.

Quick Chippy, the carpenters app, allows carpenters and builders to make calculations a bit easier quicker way. Using Quick Chippy similar to Chippy Tools, you simply enter the required numbers into the desired calculator and the app does the rest, removing the the annoying maths and making your building project a bit easier, with calculations at your finger tips.

Quick Chippy is developed in Australia.

Quick Chippy Features

Across Quick Chippy, Quick Chippy Pro, Quick Walls and Quick Walls, the Quick Chippy Family of apps feature calculators for calculating:

  • Running Measurements
  • How to square a house
  • How to measure stairs
  • Rafter Lengths
  • Equal Spacing
  • Max Set Out Spacing
  • Material Quantities
  • Square your deck
  • Stump & Bearer Layout
  • Concrete Quanties
  • Joist Set Out
  • Deck Board Set Out
  • Deck Set Out
  • Raked Walls Using Two Heights
  • Raked Walls Using Pitch
  • Gable Instructions
  • Triangle Calculator
  • Material Lists
  • Quick Lists - a to do list application
  • Smoko Room to keep up to date with all things carpentry


Quick Chippy claims to be Australia’s best selling carpentry apps! This is primarily due to the apps having been released in 2012, quite early in the life of the App Store. In the years since their release there have been many competitors launch.

App Updates

Originally release in 2012, Quick Chippy has received few updates over the course of the app with the most recent at the time of writing being almost 5years ago. Many could consider these apps as abandoned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Chippy and Quick Chippy Pro are advertised as being for carpenters, Chippy's and the home handyman that enjoys ‘having a crack!’.
Quick Chippy and the Quick Chippy family of apps are fantastic apps and provided much inspiration when building Chippy Tools. Untimely Quick Chippy has not received updates byond the occasional performance improvement and may years. Given there are few updates to the app it would be difficult to suggest it is the best carpenters app available today.