Our Story

Our Story

The idea for Chippy Tools first started in mid 2013. Brothers Nick (the carpenter) and Sam (the developer) driving back from an event started discussing the potential to create an application for carpenters that simplified calculations on the job site saving time and money. After a number of discussions Sam determined that his development skill and the technology were not yet mature enough to develop an application across iPhone, iPad & Mac in a manner that was sustainable.

Fast forward to the 2021 and Sam’s belief in his own skills had increased and the technologies had evolved to the point that we could create a single application that could work across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch (maybe one day). In July 2021 following Apple’s annual world wide developers conference (WWDC), Sam decided it was time to make Chippy Tools a reality. By late August the first version of Chippy Tools was released to the App Store.

Since its release Chippy Tools has been downloaded more than 35,000 time, with thousands of paying subscribers in less than a year.

Our Team

From the inception of of what has now become Chippy Tools our team has remained extremely small. Sam remains our sole developer, with Nick and various others providing feedback and input into the direction of Chippy Tools.

Sam Petherbridge

Sam is the developer, designer, marketer and customer support team of the Chippy Tools team. Since releasing his first app to the App Store in 2013 Sam has been passionate about creating app experiences that provide solutions too and enhance their users day to day life, helping them work harder not smarter. With his extensive experience in the technical side of digital advertising Sam is the driving force behind our stance that we will not have ads in Chippy Tools. Having left digital marketing, Sam knows that too many people do not understand what data apps are collecting and how it used.

When he is not improving Chippy Tools or responding to customer emails, Sam is running a digital marketing and data consultancy along side developing several other apps including; Strokes Per Minute; Media Calculator and GST & VAT Calculator; all of which serve as a testing ground for testing new technical tools that he would like to use in Chippy Tools.